DOD Deployed or Overseas Civilians

Department of Defense (DOD) civilian employees who are on a Temporary Change in Duty Station or Temporary Duty assignment in Iraq or Afghanistan, and who develop physical or psychological illnesses or injuries while forward deployed in support of U.S. military forces engaged in hostilities, are eligible for health care treatment and services, including routine care, at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) at the same level and scope provided to military personnel. Care for DOD civilians in theater is provided at no cost to the employee. DOD civilian employees who work overseas and become ill or have been injured are also entitled to receive medical care at an MTF at no cost or at another facility of their choosing.

As a deployed or overseas DOD civilian Federal employee, you may be eligible for certain benefits under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) if the illness or injury is related to your performance of duties during your time overseas. FECA is administered by the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP), U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). OWCP, not DOD, decides whether you qualify for medical treatment and compensation under FECA. It is important that you file a FECA claim as soon as possible. Workers’ compensation claims for deployed and overseas civilians are adjudicated by the Cleveland District Office of the OWCP.

How to File a Claim: Your supervisor must be notified as soon as possible that you wish to make a claim. Deployed civilians should inform the supervisor in country and the supervisor stateside that an injury has occurred. Supervisors should then follow the steps outlined in the Supervisor’s Guide for Processing Injured Workers’ Claims. There are special details for overseas claims that are critical in this process.

What is the Claims Process? Federal deployed or overseas civilian employee claim filing basics.
What Happens After You File? Explanation of procedures involved in processing your claim.
Death Gratuity: Explanation of who is eligible, and procedures

Additional Resources : Useful links for deployed civilians.

For non-DOD Federal civilian employees, contact your agency representative or the International/Expeditionary Policy Office site for guidance.

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