Field Commanders/HR Directors FAQs

Q. Can returning employees be placed in any light duty position?

A. No. Employees returning to work using Pipeline funds must return to classified positions. A classified Position Description should be included with all Pipeline funding requests.

Q. What is the chargeback system?

A. The chargeback system is the mechanism by which the costs of compensation for work-related injuries and deaths are assigned to employing agencies annually at the end of the fiscal accounting period, which runs from July to June for chargeback purposes. Each year the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs furnishes each agency with a statement of payments made from the fund on account of injuries suffered by its employees. Agencies include these amounts in their budget requests to Congress.

Q. Can Pipeline funds be used to pay relocation expenses for injured employees returning to their former agency?

A. No. Employees who have been relocated may have their relocation expenses paid for by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. All cost of relocation will be passed on to the employing agency’s chargeback listing.

Q. Can Pipeline funds be used to retrain recovering employees?

A. No. Pipeline funds are to be used for the purpose of funding the cost of salary and benefits for recovering employees.

Q. Who authorizes funding for Pipeline Program positions?

A. Funding is held and managed by the DCPAS Mission Support Division (MSD) and authorized by the Pipeline Program Manger located in the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS), Injury and Unemployment Compensation Branch (ICUC). Once funding is authorized, DCPAS/MSD allocates and disburses funds to the appropriate agency. The Chief of DCPAS, ICUC has the final approving authority on all eligibility determinations.

Q. What happens to funding for employees who stop work before the 365 days period is complete.

A. Disbursements for employees who do not remain employed for a continuous period of 365 days are prorated upon the date the employee either stops working, or is removed from the agency’s rolls.

Q. When does funding begin for Pipeline funded positions?

A. Funding begins the day the employee returns to work. If an employee experiences a recurrence or a new injury and is out of work for 30 days or less, the 365 days period will continue as if it had not been interrupted.

Q. What does funding cover?

A. Pipeline funding covers worked hours, locality, differential, and Sunday pay. Funding also covers Within Grade Increases (WIGI), which may be treated as amendments to MIPR request for employees who qualify during the 365-day funding period.

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