Injury Compensation Program Administrator

The Pipeline Program provides the Injury Compensation Program Administrator (ICPA) with two indispensable tools to manage their Injury Compensation Program: Positions and funding for those positions!

In addition to helping to reduce the cost of the Workers’ Compensation Program, the Pipeline Program supports the Protecting Our Workers and Ensuring Reemployment (POWER) Initiative which extends prior workplace safety and health efforts of the Federal Government by setting more aggressive performance targets, encouraging the collection and analysis of data on the causes and consequences of frequent or severe injury and illness, and prioritizing safety and health management programs that have proven effective in the past.

What's New

Job Offers ICPAs must comply with FECA regulations when making Pipeline Program job offers... More

What is My Role in the Process?

  • Identify partially recovered employees through review of medical documentation.
  • Request positions from supervisors and managers.
  • Coordinate with OWCP Nurse Intervention (when assigned) to assist in position design.
  • Coordinate with Safety & Occupational Health as necessary to assist in position design based on treating physician restrictions (unless OWCP Nurse Intervention is assigned.)
  • Coordinate with OWCP Rehabilitation Counselors (when assigned) to assist in position design.
  • Prepare a valid job offer to employee once position details are received
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of worker's compensation laws
Tools You Can Use

Program Guide

Sample Job Offer Letter

Pipeline Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

If a claimant gets injured today, receives medical treatment and returns to work the next day in a light duty status, can Pipeline funds be used?

How are funds received by the employing agency?

What happens if my agency cannot place the employee after the one year? Can an agency get an extension?

Does Pipeline money reimburse the agency for the employee’s training costs?

Can Pipeline money be extended beyond one year in some circumstances?

Can agencies ask for Pipeline funding during the COP period if they have a light-duty job offer?

Does the offered job have to be full-time in order to request Pipeline money?

Can a Temporary employee be offered a Pipeline position?

If an employee's light-duty job is eliminated due to downsizing, what is the effect on compensation?

Can Pipeline be used for employees that have not been removed from the agency’s roles?

How are funds computed for salary and benefits?

How does the Pipeline Program define a light duty assignment for Pipeline candidates?

How do we handle the health insurance and life insurance for the injured worker, after they return back to work with our agency?

Will Pipeline continue if the injured worker is away from work on sick leave, or annual leave? And, if so, for how long?

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