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What is FECA?

The Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA), 5 USC 8101et seq., provides compensation benefits to Federal civilian employees for work-related injuries or illnesses, and to their surviving dependents if a work-related injury or illness results in the employee's death. It is the exclusive remedy for Federal employees for work-related injuries or death. The law is non-adversarial in nature and remedial in intent.


The FECA is administered by the Department of Labor, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP). The 12 OWCP district offices adjudicate the claims and pay benefits, and the costs of those benefits are charged back to the employing agency.

Regulations and Guidance

Rules for filing, processing and payment of FECA claims: 20 CFR Part 10(Link does not work on DODHRINFO)

Handbook to help agencies as they assist their injured employees and manage their program costs: CA-810, Injury Compensation for Federal Employees; A Handbook for Employing Agency Personnel

DOD-wide policy and guidance regarding Injury Compensation: DOD 1400.25-V810

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