Learning Management System (LMS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who will be approved for access to the LMS?

Individuals who are assigned the duty of administering/managing the FECA program for their agency. This will be demonstrated by access to the DIUCS system. Anyone that has a user account for DIUCS will be given access to the LMS.

I already have a DIUCS account. How do I get an account for the LMS?

If you already have a DIUCS account, click on the Existing DIUCS User request access to LMS link on the Training Opportunities web page, fill in the required information, and send the email. An account will be created for you and your user id and password will be forwarded to you.

I am a new user and do not have a DIUCS account. How can I get an account for the LMS?

If you are a new user you will need to submit a systems access request and check the box for the LMS. The systems access request form is located on the ICUC web page under the Products and Services section. You will need to get the appropriate approvals and forward the request as directed. You will be given a LMS account if you are approved for a DIUCS account.

I have never used a Learning Management System before. Is there anything that shows me how to navigate through the system?

Yes there is. There is a link on the Training Opportunities web site that will open a short tutorial that will show you the basics of navigating through the LMS. Additionally, the first page of every lesson will be a page that shows and explains the functionality of the controls on the lesson pages.

I am having problems using the LMS on my computer. Who do I contact for help?

To request assistance with the LMS, send an email to ICUCLearn@cpms.osd.mil. Briefly describe your problem and ensure that your contact information is included in the message.

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