NAF-APF Portability of Benefits

The Portability of Benefits for NAF Employees Act, P.L. 101-508, was enacted in 1990 to provide portability of pay and benefits for employees moving between NAF and APF positions within DOD.

Portability of Benefits for Moves Between Civil Service and NAF

Under the Portability Act, employees who move with a break in service of no more than three days between DOD NAF and DOD APF civil service positions may be eligible for pay, leave, reduction-in-force, and retirement benefit protection. Section 1043 of Pub. L. 104-106, enacted in 1996, expanded the authorities provided by the Portability Act, primarily in the area of retirement coverage elections. Section 1131 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002, Pub. L. 107-107, further expanded the retirement election opportunity to make it easier for employees to continue retirement coverage after moving between NAF and APF civil service positions.

This portability of benefits reference guide provides provides a summary of various portability of benefits laws and regulations applicable to moves between Appropriated Fund (APF) Civil Service and Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) employment systems.

NAF employees moving under the DOD/OPM interchange agreement receive competitive status and are entitled to the same benefits and privileges provided by the Civil Service rules and by OPM regulations and instructions. In addition, if the employee moves without a break in service of no more than three days, he is entitled to Portability of Benefits.

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The links below provide the Retirement Election Forms and Instructions for moves on or after

December 28, 2001.

For moves from Civil Service to NAF

For moves from NAF to Civil Service

Crediting DOD or Coast Guard NAF Service for CSRS or FERS to immediately qualify for retirement under Section 1132 of Public Law 107-107

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