Eligibility for UCFE Benefits

Eligibility for unemployment compensation for Federal employees (UCFE) benefits is determined by the State Employment Security Agency (SESA) based on the particular State unemployment compensation (UC) law. Each of the States has its own UC law, and therefore, eligibility requirements vary from State to State. Generally, the SESA determines whether or not an individual is eligible for UCFE benefits based on three factors:

Monetary eligibility. In most States, individuals must have earned a certain amount of wages and/or performed work for a certain number of weeks during the base period to be monetarily eligible for UCFE benefits.

The Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Service, has published a reference known as the Comparison of State Unemployment Insurance (UI) Laws. Table 3.4 of the Comparison, Qualifying Formulas, indicates the formulas used by the States to determine monthly compensation. Tables 3.27 and 3.28 of the Comparison, Minimum and Maximum potential benefits, indicate the minimum and maximum weekly UC benefit amounts for each of the States. Clicking on the phrase Monetary Entitlement will bring you to those tables.

Reason for separation. Most SESAs will disqualify or hold an individual ineligible for UCFE benefits for a certain number of weeks if the employee was discharged due to misconduct, or if the employee resigned without good cause connected to the work.

Available for work, able to work, and actively seeking work. In most cases individuals must be actively searching for work to be eligible to receive UCFE benefits. Some SESAs provide exceptions for claimants who are attending approved training. The local unemployment office should be contacted for complete rules on eligibility requirements for the particular state.

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