Benefits, Wage, and NAF: Wage Schedules

Wage and Salary

DoD conducts Federal Wage Surveys (FWS) and establishes pay rates for all regular FWS wage schedules and most special FWS wage schedules. One of the key statutory principles underlying the FWS is that employee pay rates are to be maintained in line with prevailing levels of pay for comparable levels of work in the private sector within a local wage area. To carry out this statutory principle, Wage and Salary conducts annual wage surveys to collect wage data from private sector establishments. Wage and Salary works with both management and labor conducting local prevailing rate wage surveys to develop and adjust pay schedules under the FWS. Separate wage schedules are developed for appropriated fund hourly employees and non-appropriated craft, trade, labor, administrative, and patron services occupations. Wage and Salary also conducts occupational/industry surveys to establish pay for DoD educators, civilian mariners, power generation employees, and health care professionals.

Wage – History and Information

Latest Appropriated and Nonappropriated Fund Schedules
Appropriated Fund Wage Schedules (this is the map)
Appropriated Fund Special Schedules
Nonappropriated Fund Wage Schedules (this is the map)
Nonappropriated Fund Overseas Schedules
General Schedules (GS)

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