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Department of Defense
Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service
Center for Talent Development
4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 06G-21
Alexandria, VA 22350-1100

Phone: (571) 372-2055
Commercial Fax: (571) 372-2162

Email: Chief Learning Officer

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Our Line of Business

“We ensure our civilian workforce is relevant and ready to support America’s lethal combat ready force.”

The Talent Development Line of Business, led by the DoD Chief Learning Officer (CLO), develops, implements, and monitors DoD training, education, and professional development policies and programs for the Department’s global workforce. We ensure practices align to and support current legislation and policy. We advise and consult with the field on training, education, and professional development policy and issues and implement programs and services that meet the strategic goals set forth in the National Defense Strategy and the National Defense Business Operations Plan for Fiscal Year 2018-2022.

Key Functions

Through our highly skilled team of learning professionals, Talent Development fosters a culture of growing talent from within by providing training and development opportunities for the DoD workforce to better equip them for the challenges of today and readiness for tomorrow. The ultimate goal is to develop and retain talent and strengthen employee productivity to meet the DoD mission and support organizational growth.

By collaborating with Components and key stakeholders, we identify learning and organizational development opportunities that increase employee performance and engagement. Talent Development manages the following portfolio of key activities:


We are the Department of Defense enterprise leader in the development and delivery of training, education, and professional development solutions that strengthen mission readiness.

We develop, coordinate, resource policies and strategies that ensure the Department provides training, education and professional development to develop highly competent civilian leaders needed to successfully achieve the Department's complex national security mission.


To strengthen the Department by developing an engaged, high performance workforce by providing industry leading-edge learning and development solutions that are integrated with Components to achieve the Department’s goals.

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