Talent Development - Operations

Program operations are the life-blood of the Talent Development line of business. We distribute DoD solicitations and conduct DoD/4th Estate Executive/Senior Leader boards for the DoD level leader development programs.

Enterprise Solicitations and Selection Boards:

The solicitations include Federal Internal Coach Training Program, Presidential Management Council Rotation Program, Vanguard Call for Nominations, the Enterprise Leader Development Programs Call for Nominations and Executive Support. The selection boards include Defense Senior Leader Development Program, Presidential Management Council Cohort, White House Leader Development Program, and the Executive Leader Development Program. (The Enterprise Leader Development Call for Nominations and Solicitation packaged will be available on 1 December.)

Federal Viewpoint Survey (FEVs):

Talent Development provides support, information and disseminates the key activities to the Components for the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. Between August and October, we produce a variety of breakout, demographic and occupational reports that show trends across a number of key indices. These reports are available upon request.

The Executive Management Training Center (EMTC):

Talent Development line of business manages and operates EMTC, a state-of-the-art training and conference center with a four-star lodging facility in Southbridge, MA. EMTC is available to all Department of Defense Components at no cost. Designed to create and ensure a successful training experience EMTC provides more than 72,000 square feet of training and conference space, clean and well accessorized lodging, full service fitness center with indoor pool, 300 parking spaces, full complement of audiovisual equipment and dedicated support staff.

EMTC delivers value. Top-notch customer support, combined with no-cost training and lodging ensures DoD components have an unparalleled experience. Annually, after September 15, the EMTC is open to all DoD organizations for reservations on a first come, first serve basis. To take advantage of the EMTC reservation window, please call Ron Dubie at (508) 765-6333 or email him Roland Dubie

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