DoD Mentoring Resource Portal

The DoD Mentoring Resource Portal objective is to reinforce and influence an enduring mentoring culture throughout the Department of Defense.


Why a Mentoring Resource Portal?

  • To promote awareness about mentorship and its benefit
  • To develop an online tool that shares ready-to-use mentoring resources available to the DoD workforce
  • To offer an enterprise one-stop-shop for mentoring tools and guidance
  • To assist DoD personnel who desire to enter into a mentoring relationship or need to reinvigorate an existing one
  • To provide DoD Components/Agencies with resources to develop/enhance mentoring programs

Who Benefits from Mentoring?

    • Sharpen Management/Leadership/Interpersonal Skills

    • Increase productivity in the workplace
    • Builds awareness of personal biases, assumptions, and areas for improvement
    • Meets legal supervisory requirements

    Workforce in General
    • Increase self-awareness and self-discipline - mentoring encourages the individual to grow beyond usual expectations
    • Positive and constructive feedback on professional and personal development areas
    • Improve technical competence

How Does the Organization Benefit from Mentoring?

  • It positively impacts all organization levels.
  • Enhances Performance: Teams improve as members increase in competence, awareness of personal biases, etc.
  • Increases Organizational Knowledge: Increased understanding of your role and its importance to the mission.
  • Fosters Commitment: Mentoring increases the understanding and acceptance of values and goals. It increases engagement, alignment, and retention. It helps participants to feel they are an integral part of the organization.
  • Supports Recruitment: Mentoring promotes the organization as the employer of choice because it shows commitment to its people and the employer of choice because it shows commitment to its people and their personal/professional development.
  • Facilitates Leadership Development: Mentoring facilitates knowledge transfer of culture, values and other key components.
  • Improves Succession Planning: Increase use of agency's Human Capital planning and succession development efforts - helps establish the talent bank.

The DoD Mentoring Resource Portal contains a plethora of resources. To better serve our stakeholders, the portal's content has been grouped into the roles shown below. Please access the portfolio that best describes your role.

Mentoring Roles

  • Executives and Managers: The Information for Executives and Managers Portfolio contains resources for individuals leading people or organizations. The content under this section is geared towards individuals with senior managerial responsibility with the power to put plans, actions and laws into effect.

  • Experienced Supervisors: An Experienced Supervisor is an employee occupying a supervisory position for more than two years. The Information for Supervisors Portfolio contains resources for Experienced Supervisors serving as Mentors and New Supervisors being mentored.

  • New Supervisor: A New DoD Supervisor is an employee occupying a supervisory position who has been in that position for less than two years. Probationary period begins at date of appointment and ends one year from that date. Some agencies may choose to designate supervisors gained from another federal agency or another DoD component as a new supervisor.

  • Supervisory Mentoring: The Office of Personnel Management describes Supervisory Mentoring as an inherent relationship of leadership. The Individual Development Plan usually outlines expectations for supervisory coaching and feedback. Most frequently, this mentoring is informal and related to day-to-day guidance about the current job. As leaders, supervisors should also encourage outside mentoring partnerships, informal and formal, and allow their employees to time to work on them. It is recommended that an Experienced Supervisor in a mentoring role be:
    • Someone from beyond the chain of command
    • About two grade levels or with two to three years of experience above the individual
    • Someone in your Career Field

Mentoring Toolkit

This section provides DoD Agencies/Components with complete ready-to-use resources to reinforce effective mentoring programs.

Mentoring Program Links

This section showcases Mentoring Programs in action from the Department of Defense,
Federal government, and the private and non-profit sectors. The purpose of this page is to
help DoD Components/Agencies to build or improve their mentoring programs.

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