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Department of Defense
Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service
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4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 06E-22
Alexandria, VA 22350-1100

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The Defense Executive Resources Management Office (DERMO) is responsible for providing policy for the management of the entire Career Lifecycle to ensure the Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Professional (SP) Corps has the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to address the full spectrum of the Department's mission requirements. For the SES and SP, career management is institutionalized through the Framework for the Career Lifecycle Management, a series of integrated systems operating under a common architecture and approaches to Workforce Planning, Talent Management, Performance Management, Compensation, Succession Planning, Sustainment & Separation, and Executive Development.

Key Functions

Develops policies for executive performance management, talent management, and executive development. Provides advisory services to executives, Component Senior Executive Management Offices, and operational staffers throughout DoD for Presidential Rank Awards, pay setting, awards, bonuses, allocation management, and developmental opportunities. Manages the daily operations of the Executive Performance Appraisal Tool (EPAT) and Defense Talent Management System (DTMS).


Provide components with the policy guidance and tools to strengthen the DoD SES members and SP employees.


Empowering the SES members and SP employees to be effective leaders for the entire department.

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