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Employment and Compensation (E&C)

The Employment and Compensation Line of Business provides sage technical advice and guidance regarding the development and administration of policies and programs within our portfolio. We provide clarification and interpretation of law and Government-wide regulations, and provide consulting service in the strategic design and analysis of compensation programs, workforce restructuring and transition programs for civilian employees. We provide strategic analysis of hiring data to support recruitment and outreach to increase diversity and awareness of DoD employment and scholarship opportunities. We also provide job search advisory services and guidance to job seekers worldwide.

Recent Employment & Compensation Policy Guidance

Hiring and Other Flexibilities (Legislative)

DoD has been granted a number of streamlined hiring authorities and other HR flexibilities from Congress through NDAAs and New Beginnings. The applicability of these authorities varies and includes organization and position/grade coverage, and may include limitations, such as sunset dates and allocations.

New Beginnings

Implementation of Direct Hire authority for Shortage Category and/or Critical Need Positions
Modification of Temporary and Term Appointments within the Department of Defense


HQE Senior Mentor List as of July 1, 2018
(Required under Pub. L. 112-81,div. A, title XI, Sec. 1124, Dec. 31, 2011, 125 Stat. 1618)
Staffing Reference Guides


A furlough occurs when there is a lapse in funding. A lapse means a number of government activities stop due to a lack of appropriated funding, and that a number of employees are temporarily on furlough. DCPAS provides guidance to Department of Defense Components in preparation for a furlough. For specific information or assistance, employees are encouraged to contact their local human resources office.

Navigating the Hiring Process:

The Hiring Manager’s Toolkit

The Hiring Manager’s Toolkit is composed of 23 guides, tip sheets, checklists, and templates designed to equip Hiring Managers and Human Resource Professionals with end-to-end guidance, automated tools, and a variety of hiring information to enhance the hiring process as we continuously focus upon removing the complexities and inefficiencies of existing hiring processes within the Department.

Pathways Programs

The Pathways Programs provide clear paths to internships and potential careers in the Federal government for students and recent graduates, and consists of the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program (DoD’s PMF Program is managed by DCPAS/Employment & Compensation/Strategic Recruitment), the Pathways Internship Program, and the Recent Graduates Program. Each agency (DoD is the “agency” for this purpose) using Pathways Programs must enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with OPM every 2 years. Each DoD Component Headquarters Human Resources Office has a Pathways Programs Coordinator who may provide Component-specific assistance and information. For DoD’s current MOU and DoD Implementing Guidance for the Pathways Programs see:
Memorandum of Understanding OPM and the Department of Defense
For program information, references, and flexibilities, see OPM’s Pathways Programs website

Civilian Transition Programs

Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP)

ICTAP provides eligible displaced Federal employees with interagency selection priority for vacancies in agencies that are filling positions from outside their respective permanent competitive service workforces. The ICTAP selection priority does not apply in the ICTAP eligible current or former agency and it does not prohibit movement of permanent competitive service employees within an agency.

Through ICTAP, qualified DoD employees may receive employment preference for jobs in other Federal agencies within the same commuting area if they are hiring from outside of their current workforce. If one or more ICTAP applicants are rated well qualified by the recruiting agency, the agency cannot select any other external applicant.

To be eligible for the ICTAP, you must be a “displaced” employee as defined in 5 CFR 330.702. Although there are several categories of displaced employees, eligibility is usually based on involuntary separation from a career or career-conditional competitive service appointment.

Priority Placement Program (PPP)

PPP is the most effective DoD civilian career transition assistance program in the Federal government. The purpose of the PPP is to minimize the adverse effects on employees caused by actions such as, but not limited to, reductions-in-force (RIF), base closures, realignments, consolidations, contracting out, position classification decisions, rotation from overseas, and transfers of function (TOF) throughout the Department of Defense.

Compensation Reference Guides

Classification Appeals Fact Sheet
Hiring Incentives Overview

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