Employment and Compensation - Operations

Employment and Compensation (E&C)

Strategic Outreach and Recruitment leads DoD with an enterprise-wide approach to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants to meet current and future workforce requirements. We enable and support Component efforts to effectively recruit, and retain a diverse civilian workforce that meets Executive Order requirements. Working in collaboration with Component and Agency representatives, we lead the development and implementation of a coordinated enterprise-wide strategic recruitment framework through various operations.

We report annually on the:

  • Disabled Veteran Affirmative Action Program (DVAAP)
  • Federal Equal Opportunity Report Program (FEORP)

We manage DoD recruitment and employment interpretation and research, and DoD Hiring Heroes Career Fairs, special programs (Presidential Management Fellows (PMF), Vets 2 Feds (V2F), and other ad hoc programs. We maintain and staff applicant assistance lines of communication, and host and chair monthly DoD Recruiters Consortium meetings.

Hiring Heroes Career Fairs/Program

The Hiring Heroes Program is the Department of Defense’s (DoD) recruitment and outreach program for providing job search assistance to wounded, ill and injured service members, transitioning service members, Veterans, and military spouses. DoD provides these warriors and their families specialized transition assistance into the civilian workforce by organizing and conducting approximately 3 “Hiring Heroes Career Fairs” a year at or near major Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) throughout the U.S. These career fairs provide an excellent opportunity for DoD hiring managers to meet highly skilled individuals, provide on-the-spot interviews and job offers and select candidates for DoD Operation Warfighter internships. Veteran employment, resume writing, military spouse employment workshops and a “Networking with DoD” meet and greet are conducted prior to each event in order to prepare job seekers for the career fairs.

DoD Recruiters Consortium Meetings

The Strategic Outreach and Recruitment team chairs a DoD Recruiters Consortium work group. This group meets on a monthly basis to identify and share best practices in Federal civilian recruitment and train members on the latest emerging Direct Hire Authorities, changes in HR policies, etc. We also facilitate the exploration of opportunities to leverage and maximize resources to promote DoD as an “employer of choice” at a variety of conferences, job/career fairs and other events throughout the country.

Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program

The Strategic Outreach and Recruitment team is the lead coordinator for the enterprise-wide PMF Program. The PMF Program is DoD’s premier leadership development program for individuals who have received advanced degrees. Agency supervisors and hiring officials can hire Fellows as capable new staff members, and as investments in succession planning for the agencies. OPM assesses finalists with recent graduate degrees for strong analytic, leadership and writing skills, and pre-qualifies a Finalist pool at the GS-9 level (although agencies can initially hire at the GS-9 through GS-12 levels, or equivalent).

Vets 2 Feds (V2F) Career Development Program

Strategic Outreach and Recruitment is the lead coordinator for the Department’s V2F Program responsible for collaborating with Components on filling developmental and mission critical positions. The program recruits and supports the development of our nation’s student veterans and recruits veterans for mid-level career opportunities with the Federal Government.

The Strategic Outreach and Recruitment team reports metrics and analysis of new hire, veteran, and diversity statistics, Congressional Reporting Requirement (CRR) and Veterans Preference Study. We also respond to other Congressional requirements.

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