1. Science & Technology Reinvention Laboratory Personnel Demonstration Projects The purposes of the Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory (STRL) Personnel Demonstration Projects is to improve the effectiveness of Department of Defense (DOD) laboratories through flexible, tailored personnel systems that enhance the recruitment, motivation, and retention of a high quality workforce. Each STRL personnel demonstration project is unique, while legislation reinforces employee federal benefits and the merit systems principles. STRLs typically have the following flexibilities: - Simplified job classification that includes broadbanding (also referred to as pay banding or grade banding) - Enhanced recruitment and staffing approaches - Contribution or performance-based performance management - Enhanced academic degree, certificate training and development programs - Modified reduction-in-force procedures The STRL Personnel Demonstration Project was originally authorized under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 1995, section 342(b), Public Law 103-337, as amended, granting the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) authority, in coordination with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), to test the effectiveness of new personnel management systems. NDAA FY 2010, section 1105, Public Law 111-84 designated an additional seven laboratories as a DOD STRL and required the SECDEF to convert eligible employees to the personnel demonstration projects. Currently 15 distinct Federal Register notices support the DOD STRL personnel systems - covering approximately 51,000 employees in 58 DOD laboratory sites worldwide. THE DOD STRL ENTERPRISE - This page provides information to the department 15 boutique STRL Federal Registers (FR), amendments, adoptions and minor modifications which comprised the DOD STRL Enterprise. a) DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE Air Force Research Laboratory DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY Naval Research Laboratory Office of Naval Research NAVSEA, Naval Surface Warfare Center and Undersea Warfare Center NAVAIR, Aircraft Division and Weapons Division SPAWAR, Systems Center-Atlantic and SPAWAR Systems Center-Pacific DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Army Research Laboratory Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center Engineer Research and Development Center Medical Research and Materiel Command Communications-Electronic Research, Development and Engineering Center Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center Tank and Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center POLICY & REGULATIONS - This page provides information to the Omnibus Federal Register Notices, Public Laws, and DOD Instructions pertaining to the STRLs. a) DOD INSTRUCTION DOD Instruction 1400.37, July 28, 2009, Science and Technology Reinvention Laboratory (STRL) Personnel Demonstration Projects OMINIBUS FEDERAL REGISTER (FR) 02 Dec 2008 (73 FR 73228-73252) – Notice of Amendment. Amends section 9902(c)(2) STRL existing demonstration project plans to add the “Me Too” provision and proposed adoption of two (2) Army STRL Demo Projects (ECBC & NSRDEC). 31 Oct 2011 (76 FR 67154-67155) - Notice of Amendment. Adds subsection 1107(c) authority to the STRL Personnel Management Demonstration Projects final FRNs; serve as notice that three STRLs (NRL, ECBC, NSRDEC) not having personnel demonstration projects at this time may adopt any of the flexibilities of the other laboratories; provide a basic process to adopt flexibilities, make minor changes, and/or a request Federal Register notices; and notice of proposed adopt of a demonstration project plan by ECBC and NSRDEC. NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT (NDAA) / PUBLIC LAW (P.L.) NDAA FY 1995; P.L. 103–337-OCT. 5, 1994; SEC. 342 (b). DEFENSE LABORATORIES PERSONNEL DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS- (1) The Secretary of Defense may, with the approval of the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, carry out personnel demonstration projects at DOD laboratories designated by the Secretary as DOD science and technology reinvention laboratories (STRLs). NDAA FY 2000; P.L. 106–65—OCT. 5, 1999; SEC. 1109. Exemption Of Defense Laboratory Employees from Certain Workforce Management Restrictions. This law exemps the Labs from any supervisory ratios or maximum number of employees in any specific categories of employment that may otherwise be applicable to the employees. NDAA FY 2001; P.L. 106–398—OCT. 30, 2000; SEC. 1114. (a) Eliminates requirement for OPM review and approval and provides SECDEF sole authority to approve and conduct STRL Personnel Demonstration Projects. NDAA 2004, P.L. 108-136, Nov 24, 2003:  Section 9902, provides SECDEF authority to establish the NSPS, and  Section 9902(c) exempted ten (10) STRLs from inclusion into NSPS until after Oct 1, 2008 Amendment: • NDAA 2008, P.L. 110-181-Jan 28, 2008; SEC. 1106(c). Extended exemption from NSPS until after Oct 01, 2011. NDAA FY 2008; P.L. 110-181—JAN. 28, 2008; SEC. 1107. (a) Mandates SECDEF to fully implement his authorities to carry out demo projects., (c) Provides that -“Any flexibility available to any demonstration laboratory shall be available for use at any other laboratory (designated as an STRL).,” (d) SECDEF shall submit a report to Congress NLT Mar 1 of each year a list and description of the demo project notices, amendments, and changes of preceding calendar year. NDAA FY 2009; P.L. 110-417-OCT 14, 2008; SEC. 883. Provides SECDEF an Acquisition Workforce Expedited Hiring Authority (EHA) for any category of acquisition positions within DOD where there is shortage with expiration date of Sep 30, 2012. Amendments: • NDAA FY 2010; P.L. 111-84-OCT 28, 2009, SEC. 831. Enhanced EHA to acquisition workforce positions for which there exists a shortage of candidates or there is a critical hiring need. Extends termination date to Sep 30, 2015. • NDAA FY 2013; P.L. 112-239-JAN 02, 2013, SEC. 803(h)(b). Extends expiration of authority to Sep 30, 2017. NDAA FY 2009; P.L. 110-417-OCT 14, 2008; SEC. 1108. Grants SECDEF the authority to appoint qualified candidates possessing an advanced degree to scientific and engineering positions within the STRLs. Limits the percentage of onboard advanced degree S&E positions filled to 2%. Amendments: • NDAA FY 2011, P.L. 111-383, Jan 7, 2011; SEC. 1101. Raised percentage of onboard advanced degree S&E positions filled to 5%. • NDAA FY 2012, P.L. 112-81, 31 Dec, 2011, SEC. 1103. Delete termination date of authority. NDAA FY 2010; P.L. 111-84—OCT. 28, 2009; SEC. 1105. Modification to DOD Laboratory Personnel Authority. Designation of 7 additional Laboratories as DOD STRLs and mandate conversion of eligible employees into Demo project within 18 months of this act. Prohibits the STRLs from implementing any personnel system, other than under section 342(b), without Congressional approval.

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