Employment and Compensation - Training

Employment and Compensation (E&C)

Setting Basic Pay

The Setting Basic Pay course is designed to help with understanding the basis for Title 5 pay-setting rules for the General Schedule (GS) and Federal Wage System (FWS); teach how to interpret pay policies and regulations; and show how to set pay for various types of personnel actions. The course is designed for HR Specialists at all grade levels who set pay as part of their job and typically have at least six months of pay setting experience.

The course is comprised of 10 modules: Introduction, New Appointments, MPR/HPR, Reinstatement/Employment, Grade Retention, Pay Retention, Promotions, WIGI's, Change to Lower Grade, and Reassignments. The course length is 2 days. The modules include detailed examples of each rule or concept learned and includes a workshop after each module so participants can practice and apply the concepts.

DoD Recruiters Training Workshop

Recruitment and Assistance organizes and conducts Human Resource/Recruiter training for Department-wide recruiters and hiring managers once a year. The workshops provide up-to-date training and recruitment tools which enhance skills and enable new and “seasoned” recruiters to more effectively meet the needs of the ever-changing DoD workforce.

Recruitment and Assistance advisors provide Subject Matter Expert training as needed to formal and informal groups of DoD professionals.

PPP Training Course

The Civilian Transition Programs Office offers training to Human Resources representatives, particularly staffing and/or recruitment specialists and assistants who work with the PPP on a regular basis. The PPP Training courses are also appropriate for DoD Component and Regional Coordinators and their staffs. We may accommodate a limited number of other management and union officials on a space-available basis through special arrangements with the Civilian Transition Programs (CTP) Office. As a reminder, to administer all aspects of the PPP effectively Civilian Personnel/Human Resource Offices are required to maintain a sufficient number of trained staff members.

Basic PPP Training Course

This 3 ½ day class provides a comprehensive review of the policies and procedures governing the PPP. Each module includes a lecture and slide presentation as well as ample time for students to ask questions. Students will be able to apply the information imparted in the lectures through workshops that provide practical exercises in registration, requisitioning, etc.

Advanced PPP Training Course

On the second day of the Basic PPP Training Course, a concurrent class for specialists with significant PPP experience occurs. This advanced seminar consists of an in-depth discussion of current issues of interest and pertinent discussion topics provided by attendees. Experienced specialists also have the option of attending this 1-day seminar without participating in the basic course. Those who enroll in both classes will breakout from the basic session on the second day and rejoin the basic class on the third day. Students cannot attend the advanced class unless they have previously completed the basic course.

This class is taught stateside as well as overseas. The overseas class covers the policies and procedures governing the PPP with an emphasis on procedures that are unique to overseas areas.

PPP Training Course for Personnelists Who Service Positions Overseas

We conduct this special 2-day PPP Training Course for stateside personnelists who work with the PPP and have servicing responsibility for positions overseas. This course covers only those policies and procedures that are unique to overseas areas. Students who attend must have attended the PPP Basic Course and must have a good working knowledge of the PPP. Note: We do not teach basic policies and procedures in this class. The focus is on two primary aspects of the PPP, clearing overseas positions through the Automated Stopper and Referral System (ASARS); and registering displaced and nondisplaced overseas employees, and nondisplaced overseas family members.

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