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The information is intended to assist personnel at all levels to enhance the mission readiness and success of DoD civilian employees who are interested or have been selected to fill a DoD expeditionary requirement.

The information will serve as a guide for DoD civilian personnel and will provide the necessary steps required to carry personnel from their home station to their final expeditionary destination.

It is a compilation of resources, tools, lessons learned, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and additional useful information.

The information does not supersede existing regulations or policies, nor does it negate the need for personnel to be properly trained and knowledgeable of regulatory and safety standards.

Leave and Travel




Civilian Leave in Conjunction with R&R for DoD-EC and MoDA Personnel September 2019
Benefits, Allowances, and Gratuities for Department of Defense (DOD) Civilian Employees under Public Law (P.L.) 109-234 June 2006
Clarification of Benefits, Allowances and Gratuities for Department of Defense (DoD) Civilian Employees Under Public Law (P.L.) 109-234 May 2007



Traveling and Living Abroad

At this time, the majority of DoD-EC deployment opportunities are located in Afghanistan. However, if interested, there are select positions available in other contingency locations such as Iraq, Kuwait, etc. As a deployee, you will live and serve on a variety of American bases and compounds with your military and government colleagues. Some of the locations will be quite austere and remote, and unlike any community back in the United States, contributing to the overall experience. You will receive training to help you prepare for living in theater.

Increased Pay

As a DoD-EC, you may be eligible for 35% differential pay for post differential; 35% differential pay for hazardous duty; and significant overtime compensation, in addition to your base salary. The chart below shows the projected salary for a GS-14, Step 1, serving in Afghanistan:

Pay Type (All pay is taxable)




Basic Pay ✱ $90,621.00 $3,473.60 $43.42
Rest of United States (Locality) -- --
Adjusted Pay (Basic + Locality) $104,821.00 $4,018.40 $50.23
Danger Pay (35% of Adjusted Pay) $36,687.35 $1,406.40 $17.58
Post Differential Pay (35% of Adjusted Pay) $36,687.35 $1,406.40 $17.58
Total Pay (Adjusted + Danger + Post Diff) $178,373.16 $6,831.20 $85.39

     ✱Base Pay based on 2019 General Scheduled (Base) Table

Career Enhancement

Working in theater will place you in a situation where you may be working under conditions that may be substandard, Spartan, and extraordinary, with limited resources. You will need to figure out how to accomplish activities without the kind of backup and support you are used to in your regular job. Operating in this kind of environment has again and again proven to build skills and character that greatly enhance your job experience overall.

Support for Your Country

Having the ability to support your country’s mission, and its military men and women, has proven to be indescribably fulfilling. Being able to help the local community build hospitals and schools, bring electricity to a village, and disperse disaster relief – all experiences that the civilian volunteers have participated in over the past four years – has brought a level of satisfaction and sense of achievement that few of the participants ever experienced in their jobs back home.


Timekeeping and Pay

Resources from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) are listed below. Bookmark this page and refer to it often for the latest resources relating to timekeeping and pay. Click on any of the document links below to upload the files.


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