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DoD Expeditionary Civilian
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The Department of Defense Expeditionary Civilian (DoD-EC) program allows civilians to apply their capability, experience, and knowledge as a crucial part of helping DoD accomplish its mission abroad.

DoD-EC COVID-19 Reference Material

Review information below for the latest guidance pertaining to the DoD-EC workforce:


To create a DoD-EC workforce postured to support contingency operations and National Defense Strategy objectives


Develop and sustain expeditionary civilian capabilities with the “right” competencies to meet projected future requirements


  • Provide greater predictability and reliability of fills
  • Ensure HR policies and procedures meet the needs of deployed civilians and the commanders
  • Increase and sustain civilian fill-rate in Afghanistan
  • Increase awareness of DoD-EC across the Department

Force Pool

The Force Pool defines the number and types of civilian requirements that each Force Provider must be prepared to source. The Demand Signal and Force Pool will be reviewed each year as part of the annual Global Force Management cycle to ensure the data remains consistent with requirements. The updated Force Pool will be posted annually as required.

FY19 Force Pool
FY20 Force Pool
FY21 Force Pool

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