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Department of Defense
Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service
Labor & Employee Relations
4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 05G-21
Alexandria, VA 22350-1100

Phone: (703) 882-5192
Commercial Fax: (571) 372-1719


Our Line of Business

Provides policy and advisory services to the Department in the interpretation and application of law to Presidential intent. Oversees civilian employee performance management and accountability programs to reduce administrative hurdles and efficiently deliver LER services.

Key Functions

LER is one of the six lines of business in DCPAS. Our portfolio includes administrative grievances; awards; performance management, suitability/fitness for employment, workplace violence, agency head review of negotiated labor-management agreements, approval of all proposed national security exclusions under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute, consultative services to leadership, senior labor and employee professionals, attorneys, management negotiators, and advice to management when reorganizing, prior to and when engaging with the Federal Service Impasses Panel, the Federal Labor Relations Authority, arbitrators, and the Merit Systems Protection Board.


We are the Department of Defense enterprise leader in the development and delivery of Labor and Employee Relations policies, training, consultation, and operational support solutions that maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the service, protect national security, and support the warfighter.


To be the Federal Government’s premier provider of innovative, efficient, and effective Labor and Employee Relations policies, training, consultation, and operational support solutions.

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