Defense Civilian Human Resources Management System
User Roles & Capabilities

HR Professionals

  • Submit actions through self-service
  • Route through different workflows depending on the transaction
  • Performance Management


  • View personnel details
  • Navigate the employee directory
  • Submit change requests through self-service
  • Performance Management


  • Real-time transparency
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Initiate, review, and automate HR transactions
  • Performance Management
DCHRMS Milestones



Latest News


  • DCHRMS Team continues to make progress – Conference Room Pilot 2 completed
  • In August, DCHRMS received an Oracle release that addresses a significant in the product, which deals in pay
  • We’ve migrated anonymized data from DCPDS into DCHRMS test environment, validated the drop-down menus and list of values, and completed our first Recruit/Fill Nature of Action, including Manager Self Service features


  • Advanced Reporting Tools a Game-Changer for the HR Community. OTBI and HCM Extract tool are Key Features Coming to DCHRMS! Read More


  • The 2020 Virtual Worldwide Human Resources Training Event included a presentation and demonstration of the DCHRMS system. Go check it out under the Resources section!
  • The new DCHRMS design has been approved! Improved “look and feel” ensures design is 508 compliant and is engaging for users. See September DCHRMS Newsletter issue for more info!

What’s Next

  • Conference Room Pilot 3 begins in late October
  • Be on the lookout for the next DCHRMS newsletter, slated to be released in November!

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