Defense Civilian Human Resources Management System
User Roles & Capabilities

HR Professionals

  • Submit actions through self-service
  • Route through different workflows depending on the transaction
  • Performance Management


  • View personnel details
  • Navigate the employee directory
  • Submit change requests through self-service
  • Performance Management


  • Real-time transparency
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Initiate, review, and automate HR transactions
  • Performance Management
DCHRMS Milestones



Latest News


  • DCHRMS Team continues to make progress - We have completed Conference Room Pilot 4 of 8 and have begun configurations for Conference Room Pilot 5.
  • After Conference Room Pilot 5 we will finalize all needed capabilities for Performance Management.
  • In February, DCHRMS received an Oracle release that addresses significant capabilities in the product, which will create efficiencies in Manager and Employee Self-Service and our HR Core processes.
  • We've begun to finalize critical canned reports, interfaces, and data. In the final months we will finalize all pay calculations, Nature of Actions, and Business Rules.


  • The official pilot of the Phase 1 T3 training (Instructor Facilitation Course) will begin in February starting 23-25 February from 9-3 EST each day.
  • There are 30 seats, and those seats are for identified component trainers that have never trained. We think this population will provide a pretty good gauge of the effectiveness of Phase 1 training. This course will provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques to ensure proper facilitation and engagement once training starts.
  • For additional information on DCHRMS training click here.

What’s Next

  • Conference Room Pilot 5 begins in early March
  • Be on the lookout for the next DCHRMS newsletter, slated to be released this month!

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