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New Beginnings is a collaborative labor-management effort involving the Department of Defense (DOD) and a broad array of DOD employees and national-level union representatives. Its mandate is to implement significant improvements to DOD Human Resource practices and policies, including implementation of a new Defense-wide Performance Management and Appraisal Program. New Beginnings encompasses reforms impacting Performance Management, Hiring Flexibilities, Training and Development, and Workforce Incentives.

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New Beginnings News DoD Onboarding Resource Portal Onboarding Resource Portal provides tools for integrating and acculturating new employees, as well as those transferred and promoted into the organization. DOD Mentoring Resource Portal

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New information, training videos, and guides on the MyPerformance tool, which will manage your Performance Management and Appraisal for those deploying into the new program, can be found in the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program.


Through a dynamic, collaborative labor-management partnership with national-level unions, the Department has made great strides toward full implementation of the comprehensive New Beginnings initiatives, geared toward implementing new policies and processes to better position the DOD to compete for and retain top talent that is essential to protecting the security of our nation.

As the Department continues to make progress in creating a culture of engagement and high performance through the implementation of New Beginnings, utilize this consolidated resource to stay apprised of all implementation progress, important communications, dates and information regarding the joint labor-management Pre-Decisional process, Frequently Asked Questions, and information on new products, programs, and policies.


Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program Click here for additional documents and information. Awards Click here to view Awards. Frequently Asked Questions Click here to view FAQs. Training, Education and Professional Development FAQs

Staffing and Hiring Flexibilities

New Beginnings supports the DOD's efforts to streamline hiring and recruit the talent necessary to meet our national security mission. Improving the hiring experience is key to hiring manager, applicants, and human resources (HR) professionals. The Hiring Manager's Toolkit provides valuable information for managers and HR, while focused hiring done through programs such as the DOD Pathways Program helps managers direct their hiring efforts and helps students and recent graduates target their job search.

Providing hiring managers and human resources professionals with up-to-date information, easy-to-understand checklists and tools that facilitate communication will help streamline the hiring process and improve the DOD's ability to attract and retain a world-class workforce.

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The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2010 provided the Secretary of Defense authority to promulgate agency rules and regulations providing for: 1) a new performance management program and 2) redesigned procedures for use within the Department of Defense (DOD) to make appointments to positions within the competitive service. The NDAA also provided the Secretary, at his discretion, authority to establish a “DOD Civilian Workforce Incentive Fund.”

Section 9902(c)(2) of title 5, United States Code, requires DOD to ensure “a means for involving employees (for bargaining unit employees, through their exclusive representatives) in design and implementation of . . .” the new authorities and practices.

Representatives from the DOD Components, organizations that represent DOD employees (i.e., unions, Federal Managers Association), the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and other stakeholders worked collaboratively for more than 18 months to plan and carry out the pre-decisional process for developing recommendations for the new personnel authorities. The process came to be known as “New Beginnings.” Three New Beginnings joint labor-management design teams—Performance Management, Hiring Flexibilities, and Civilian Workforce Incentive Fund— met and engaged in extensive research, analysis, discussion, and consultations with subject matter experts, and developed proposals for the design of the personnel authorities for consideration by the Department’s leadership. The vast majority of Design Team recommendations were endorsed. The inclusive collaborative process was beneficial in that it provided the Department with the perspectives and ideas from those most directly affected by the Department’s civilian personnel policies and practices—its employees, supervisors, and managers.

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Training and Development

Training, education, and professional development are imperative for the success of organizations, leaders, and employees throughout the DOD. To best support mission readiness, we continue to pride ourselves on being a learning organization that places high value on knowledge management and employee engagement. The DOD has a renewed commitment to improving and expanding existing training and learning opportunities to ensure we employ a high-functioning, engaged, professional workforce energized toward achieving the organizational mission.

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