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Planning & Accountability Line of Business role is critical to the Department of Defense ever-demanding mission requirements because we plan for the right civilian talent. Our work - workforce planning, competency and skills management, analytics, and accountability - impacts more than 900,000 DoD civilians. Planning & Accountability is committed to our role in supporting the Department and takes the responsibility seriously.

Key Functions

Planning & Accountability Line of Business is guided by Department of Defense Instruction 1400.25, Volume 250, June 7, 2016, “DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Civilian Strategic Human Capital Planning (SHCP)” and 5 CFR 250 Part B, 5 USC 1104 and Strategic Guidance for providing advisory and consulting services to the Components, Defense Agencies and Activity offices. Our Chief Human Capital Officer and DCPAS Director maintain effective partnerships with the Components, Defense Agencies, and Activity offices, supported by Functional communities (a group of one or more occupational series with functions, competencies, and interests to accomplish a specific part of the DoD mission), to ensure we meet our strategies and initiatives. We engage with the functional community and component customers on quarterly basis since customer engagement is key for successful collaboration and negotiation.

  • Strategic Workforce Planning which includes Human Capital Operating Plan, Workforce Data Analytics and Competency Management - Provide advisory/consulting services for DoD human capital planning and policy development; strategic workforce planning, competency management, workforce analytics, and the accountability/evaluation of HR practices within DoD.
  • Human Resources Functional Community & Accountability Division - Accountability team assess compliance with Merit System Principles, Veteran’s Preference, and other laws and regulations and assists in annual Component-led self-assessments, virtual DoD evaluations and on site Staff Assistance Visits (SAV).


To provide world class civilian Human Capital oversight, planning, and advisory services to DoD customers across the Enterprise and to inform civilian Human Resources solutions that enhance the lethality of the Department.


Serve as the provider of choice for all Enterprise activities in Human Capital Solutions, Strategic Workforce Planning, Workforce Data Analytics, Competency Development and Management, Accountability and Oversight, and Consulting and Advisory services.

Planning and Accountability Quarterly Newsletter

Planning & Accountability newsletter is published every quarter for their customers - DoD Functional Communities, Components and Defense Agencies. The P&A newsletter keeps the customers informed about projects, initiatives, workforce planning, data analytics, competency, training, accountability, “spotlight” on functional communities, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and CYBER initiatives, and upcoming events

The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS)/Annual Employee Survey (AES)

Employee attitude and opinion surveys are a proven tool for assessing workforce morale, retention, engagement and readiness. Survey results are used by leaders and supervisors in public and private sector organizations to improve the workforce performance and engage employees. DoD uses survey results from surveys such as the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) to inform programs and training content to improve the DoD workforce climate and increase engagement.

FEVS is the Government’s largest and most widely utilized survey tool!

In the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 (Public Law 108-136, November 24, 2003, 117 STAT. 1641), Congress established a requirement for agencies to conduct an Annual Employee Survey (AES) (16 questions included in the FEVS instrument) to assess:
→ Leadership and management practices that contribute to agency performance; and
→ Employee satisfaction with …

  • leadership policies and practices
  • work environment
  • rewards and recognition for professional accomplishment and personal contributions to achieving organizational mission
  • opportunity for professional development and growth
To meet this requirement the FEVS is administered by OPM for many of the Federal Agencies. The FEVS contains the 16 core AES questions and this year’s FEVS results are posted below. You will also find an Info Paper that summarizes many of the key results for DoD this year. Click HERE for the 2016 5 CFR 250 update to the “annual survey” guidelines for Federal Agencies contained in the NDAA 2004 referenced above.

2019 Annual Employee Survey (AMR) Report

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