Planning and Accountability - Policy

Strategic Human Capital Planning - 5 CFR 250 Part B; Department of Defense Instruction 1400.25_Volume250_June72016_DoD Civilian Personnel Management System_Civilian Strategic Human Capital Planning (SHCP)

  • DOD Civilian Human Capital Operating Plan: Enterprise-wide strategic civilian human capital implementation plan developed to support DoD’s Strategic Plan; highlights priorities for the civilian workforce to ensure DoD priorities can be met.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning/Skills Gap Analysis: Identification of workforce areas of concern/attention (i.e., Mission Critical Occupations, Workforce Priority Occupations); includes execution of root cause analyses and development of targeted strategic workforce plans at varying levels of DoD, to include functional communities, components and functions that operate across functional communities.
  • Human Capital Plan/Strategic Workforce Plan Support to Functional Communities/Components:
  • Inform and advise functional communities and components regarding key human capital initiatives, priorities, and efforts; seeks input to inform the CHCO to assist in setting HC priorities and informing the HCOP.

Human Capital Framework/Delegated Examining Unit Assessment - 5 USC 1104 & 5 CFR 250 Part B

  • Human Capital Framework: Update DoD guidance to recognize transition from HCAAF to HCF; ensure agencies have in place an accountability system for assessing and evaluating the management of HC programs.
  • Delegated Examining Unit Certification Reviews: Ongoing assessments to ensure retention of authority granted.

Competency Management: Department of Defense Instruction 1400.25, Volume 250, June 7, 2016, “DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Civilian Strategic Human Capital Planning (SHCP)”

  • Competency Assessments: Development, validation and utilization of competency models for (1) mission critical occupations, (2) high population occupational series, and (3) Department priorities as they are identified; maintains civilian competency data for DoD.
  • Competency Management Across the HR Life Cycle: Utilization and inclusion of competency assessment insights and findings into life cycle events; further refinement and development of DoD’s competency methodology to keep up with changes in customer demand and DoD requirements.

Workforce/Data Analysis - 5 USC Sect 1402(a); 5 CFR 250 PART B; The President's Management Agenda

Human Resources Functional Community: Department of Defense Instruction 1400.25, Volume 250, June 7, 2016, “DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Civilian Strategic Human Capital Planning (SHCP)”

  • Implement/Execute Actions for Civilian HR across DoD: Fulfill requirements in FC management that meet the expectations and directions of the CHCO and her set goals and priorities.
  • Professionalize the Human Resources Community: Continue to strengthen and further develop a highly competent and professional team of HR experts that best supports DoD vision and direction for the civilian workforce.

Strategic Guidance

The Department of Defense Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Civilian Personnel Policy (CPP) and the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS) support the military departments and Defense Agencies as the enterprise leader in the development and delivery of civilian personnel policies and HR solutions that strengthen mission readiness. DCPAS supports the DASD (CPP) to ensure that the Agency’s human capital management programs and procedures are aligned with federal-wide and DoD’s human capital strategic guidance to include, but not limited to:

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