Air Force Employees

To be eligible for civilian deployment, you must be a permanent Air Force (GS, WG, etc.) employee. Temporary and Term Employees, dual-status National Guard, or Reserve Technicians are not eligible.

All AF civilians who wish to support the Expeditionary Civilian program must apply via USA JOBS to submit a volunteer deployment application, resume, SF-50, and other documents for deployment consideration. The application approval/disapproval authority remains the first Commander/Director (O-6/GS-15) in the employee’s chain of command. Employees are must complete all required documentation. Application processing information can be found at The application does not guarantee that you will be selected nor does it commit you to deploy if selected.

Additional Civilian Personnel deployment related information can be found at: and Air Force Expeditionary Civilian share point: .
All questions and concerns should be forwarded to the Air Force Expeditionary Civilian (EC) Office at
Note: Cut and paste the aforementioned email address into the “To:” block of your email.

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