Investigations and Resolutions

IRD is charged with conducting investigations that are prompt, fair, and impartial, and to produce objective and appropriate factual records to allow fact-finders to draw conclusions as to whether discrimination and/or harassment occurred. IRD is additionally responsible for advocating for and pursuing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with the consent of both parties to a given EEO complaint. Through ADR, IRD strives to resolve EEO complaints fairly and expeditiously, at the lowest level, and by the least formal method possible. Early resolution improves management-employee relations, reduces administrative costs significantly, and precludes the need for protracted litigation.  

Department of Defense
Civilian Personnel Advisory Service
Investigations and Resolutions Directorate (IRD)
4800 Mark Center Drive, 05F16
Alexandria, VA 22350-1100
Commercial Phone (571) 372-2137
DSN: 426-2137

IRD-Intake Services Team:
FAX Number: 571-372-2090

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