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Pipeline Reemployment Program

The Pipeline Reemployment Program enables DOD installations to overcome reemployment issues involving injured DOD civilian employees by providing funding for salaries and benefits for the first year of reemployment. The Pipeline Program provides an installation with the ability to integrate these injured workers back to full employment while effectively reducing lost production days during the recovery period.

Since December 2004, more than 130 DOD installations have tapped into Pipeline funding; offering more than 1,300 injured workers the opportunity to return to work and realizing a potential lifetime cost avoidance (LCA) in excess of $1 billion. Program specific potential cost avoidance metrics are based upon the life expectancy index of 75 years.

DCPAS’s Pipeline Program provides the Injury Compensation Program Administrator (ICPA) with an important tool to manage their Injury Compensation Program: Funding for positions of employees that have returned to work from the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) compensation rolls. Agencies must enter into a Support Agreement with DCPAS to receive Pipeline funding.

ICPAs must comply with FECA regulations when making Pipeline Program job offers. Job offers must be made to a candidate in writing and must be offered as a permanent position unless the former position was temporary.