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Welcome to DCPAS

The Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS) develops, implements, and monitors Department of Defense (DOD) civilian human resources (HR) plans, policies, and programs for more than 950,000 employees across the world.

  • DCPAS provides leadership.
  • DCPAS consults and trains.
  • DCPAS ensures Human Resources practices align to and support current policy.
  • DCPAS develops tools and cross-functional programs to support efficient and innovative Component operations and workforce development.
  • DCPAS delivers solutions and strategies that bridge the gap between policy, process, and technology to increase operational effectiveness and strengthen mission readiness.


DCPAS is the Department of Defense enterprise leader in the development and delivery of civilian personnel policies and Human Resources solutions that strengthen mission readiness.


To be the Federal Government’s premier provider of innovative and fiscally responsible civilian personnel policies, Human Resources solutions, and advisory and consulting services.

DCPAS History

Established in 1993, the Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service (CPMS), the predecessor to DCPAS, provided policy support, functional information management, and civilian personnel administrative services to DOD Components and their activities. Throughout the 1990s, CPMS used technology, innovation, and process improvement models to remove layers of bureaucracy and streamline human resources operations. The CPMS team eliminated redundant automated personnel systems and closed many stand-alone civilian personnel offices. In 1995, to provide immediate support to more than 12,500 HR specialists worldwide, a fully automated system became operational and re-engineered personnel processes. The modernized Defense Civilian Personnel Data System achieved full operating capability in 2002. In 2011, CPMS changed its name to the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service and realigned the organization into HR lines of business. The new structure clarified roles and responsibilities and improved effectiveness by focusing on customer support and providing timely and appropriate advice. Today, DCPAS continues to operate within HR lines of business and remains laser-focused on customer support while providing innovative and fiscally responsible civilian personnel policies and solutions.