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Communities of Practice

DCPAS provides enterprise leadership in human resources management. The organization develops and manages Human Resources (HR) programs, services, and functional system requirements for DoD. DCPAS also develops and recommends policy and provides guidance on all aspects of civilian personnel management. Each line of business has a policy, training, advisory, and operational role in support of the Services and DoD Components.

In supporting its mission, DCPAS supports and promotes multiple HR communities of practice. A Community of Practice (CoP) connects an area of shared interest and key issues (domain) with relationships built through discussion, activities, and learning (community) to forward a body of knowledge, methods, stories, and tools developed (practice). A CoP advances HR Functional Community's maturity as prescribed by the DoD Functional Community Maturity Model Assessment Tool, Leadership, and Governance pillars. The HR Functional Community Action Officer convenes the primary CoP Leaders monthly to synchronize HR Functional Community workforce planning and operations.