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Federal Long-Term Care Insurance

The Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) is administered by FedPoint. John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company is the FLTCIP insurer. FLTCIP helps pay for costs of care for individuals who can no longer perform everyday tasks due to a chronic illness, injury, disability, severe cognitive impairment, or the aging process. Everyday tasks include eating, dressing, and bathing. This benefit should not be confused with the health benefits available through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB).

This program is available to most Federal employees, annuitants, and their qualifying relatives. While most employees must be eligible for FEHB to be eligible to enroll in FLTCIP, this is not a requirement for annuitants. A qualified relative can apply for coverage even if the employee/annuitant does not.

The new FLTCIP plan, FLTCIP 3.0, went in effect October 21, 2019, and FTCIP 2.0 closed to new applicants. This change did not affect those already enrolled, their plans, or premiums. FLTCIP 3.0 includes a stay-at-home benefit and home care provided by formal and informal caregivers, as well as a new premium stabilization feature on top of its core coverage.

DOD Component and Agency human resources offices should discard all prior FLTCIP material and update all their FLTCIP web content to reflect the new program information. Refer to Office of Personnel Management Benefits Administration Letter 19-901 for additional guidance.

In addition to these resources, DCPAS provides program guidance and addresses FLTCIP HR inquiries. HR Practitioners are encouraged to visit FLTCIP for training resources, program materials, and more! DCPAS offers training and credentialing programs in Employee Benefits and Injury Compensation. The Employee Benefits Training (EBT) Program includes a FLTCIP module highlighting pertinent program information.