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Phases of Talent Management

Why Talent Management/Succession Planning? DOD Talent Management enables management of Senior Executive Service (SES) members at the Enterprise Level, supports growth and development of talent from within the Component/agency, and identifies bench strengths for positions. The DOD Talent Management and Succession Planning process:

  • Identifies readiness levels and existing gaps
  • Develops existing SES members to meet future needs
  • Aids in retention
  • Avoids negative mission impact
  • Informs the agency of the need to attain talent

The image is depicting the Phases of management. Assessment (Self Assessment- SES members communicate experiences, constraints, retirement plans, developmental plans, future position preferences and rate their competencies). Rater (Supervisor assessment - raters - flag officers/general officers/SES members concur/non-concur with developmental plans, future position preferences, make additional recommendations and rate the executive's competencies). Panel (Talent Management Panel - reviews SES records from a corporate POV. Assess readiness levels of current talent and develops slates to be used when vacancies occur). Feedback (SES members receives letter from the Panel advising them of Readiness, Developmental Recommendations, strengths and future positions.

During the Talent Management Panel phase, the panel develops slates that:

  • Serve as indicators of bench strength
  • Identify candidates to fill a vacancy within the next 12 months
  • Present career-broadening opportunities to advance experiences of the workforce
  • Promote greater feedback to SES and allows for deliberate development